Vision & Mission

We believe in providing all deserving students in India with the best curriculum and pedagogy, along with the highest quality of education. SocBeeZ Academy prepares students for competitive examinations such as JEE (Main & Advanced), WBJEE NEET, AIIMS along with the respective Board Examinations. We are determined to make the learning process fundamentally strong and enjoyable for children by using innovative methods of teaching and synchronized approach of learning.

The SocBeeZ Academy advocates for students and supports them in developing their individual strengths and negotiating the challenges they encounter in realizing their potential as educated members of society. We strive to instill self-confidence and the “Can Do” attitude, a must have for success.

About Us

SocBeeZ Academy is an effort to bring out the true meaning of quality education. We believe that for every student willing to learn (or not so), there is a teacher, and that for every teacher willing to teach, there is a student. There are several very competent teachers with great knowledge and talent. We provide a platform for the teachers to connect with the students.

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