Test Series Programme

Mock Tests: After completion of syllabus, students are provided with Mock Tests. Engineering aspirants are offered 6 Mock Tests for JEE(Main), 4 sets of Mock Test for WBJEE(Engg), and 3 Mock Tests for JEE(Advanced), while Medical aspirants are offered 6 Mock Tests for NEET(UG) and 3 Mock Tests for AIIMS. These Mock Tests ensure students that how much they are prepared for the Entrance Examination and what they need to do to improve in their last time preparation so that they secure the best possible rank.

This course is also available to outside students as part of our Distance Learning Programme (DLP). Do call us for more details.

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SocBeeZ Academy is an effort to bring out the true meaning of quality education. We believe that for every student willing to learn (or not so), there is a teacher, and that for every teacher willing to teach, there is a student. There are several very competent teachers with great knowledge and talent. We provide a platform for the teachers to connect with the students.

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