1 Year Classroom Programme

Programme Highlights

Session: April / May 2019 to February, 2020 with Full Guidance (Support Class & Mock tests) for Board Preparation on Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, & Biology.

Class Duration(Weekend/Weekdays) Class

JEE(Main) + WBJEE(Engg) + JEE(Adv): 16 ½ hrs class/week

NEET(UG) + AIIMS: 16 ½ hrs class/week

In addition to the above, sessions are provided as per the requirements of students.

Board Support Class: Physics / Chemistry / Biology / Mathematics – 1.5 hrs / week.

Class XII

CourseUnit TestsMock Tests
JEE (Main & Advanced)86 (JEE Main) + 3 JEE (Adv)
Board Tests(CBSE/ISC/WB)22

Faculty Members

Socbeez has a team of highly trained and experienced subject experts who came from different parts on India like, Kota Delhi, Patna, and Kolkata and they are Engineering Graduates, Ex-IITians, Ph.D., and Gold Medalists.

At Socbeez, every teacher delivers a well planned and standard lecture on every topics of every subjects so that the content delivered is finished in stipulated time and as per the planning. Here teachers do not only solve problems themselves, they also motivate and enable learners to do so. Thus learners get enough exposure to conceptual learning as well as application of the acquired knowledge.

Study Planner

At the beginning of the session students get Study Planner so that they know their lessons, test timings, & teaching methodologies well in advance and they can plan accordingly.

Study Material

The Research and Development team of SocBeeZ Academy has developed a unique set of study material which covers all the necessary knowledge, concepts, and applications required for Entrance Examinations as well as the Board Examinations.

  • The study material highlights important areas of topics.
  • It includes questions for Entrance Examinations which are divided into different difficulty levels to slowly but steadily familiarize students with the challenges that they are to face eventually.
  • Assignments, Solved Examples, and Probable Questions for the forthcoming Entrance Examinations are addressed.

Special Classes

Special classes are provided to the academically weaker students or the students scoring unsatisfactory marks at Socbeez or School exams.

Doubt Clearing Sessions

Every week students are provided a fixed and separate doubt clearing class so that they can get all their doubts and questions clarified properly.


Class Tests & Surprise Tests: Class Tests and Surprise Tests are taken frequently to monitor students' regular study progress.

Chapter-wise Tests: Every Chapter in each subject is followed by a test.

Unit Tests: Students are provided with Unit Tests as per the format of JEE (Main) (8 Nos, WBJEE (2 Nos), NEET (UG) (8 Nos) and AIIMS(2 Nos). The main objective of these tests is to enhance students’ problem solving & time management ability. Also it helps to identify their week areas so that we can provide special attention/classes/counseling as per their needs.

Mock Tests After completion of syllabus in class-XII: students are provided with Mock Tests. Engineering aspirants are offered 6 Mock Tests for JEE (Main), 4 sets of Mock Test for WBJEE(Engg) and 3 Mock Tests for JEE (Advanced), while Medical aspirants are offered 6 Mock Tests for NEET(UG) and 3 Mock Tests for AIIMS. These Mock Tests ensure students to evaluate that how much they are prepared for the Entrance Examination and what they need to do to improve in their last time preparation so that they secure the best possible rank.

Board Support

  • Separate classes for preparation of Board Examinations(CBSE & WB Board) by renowned teachers having wide experience of teaching at Board level.
  • Class Tests and Chapter wise Tests are conducted regularly to monitor progress on Board Syllabus.
  • Research based Question Papers & Model Answers of Unit Tests & Mock Tests will ensure students success in their Board Examinations

About Us

SocBeeZ Academy is an effort to bring out the true meaning of quality education. We believe that for every student willing to learn (or not so), there is a teacher, and that for every teacher willing to teach, there is a student. There are several very competent teachers with great knowledge and talent. We provide a platform for the teachers to connect with the students.

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